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Volunteer Registration

Read First: 

  • Please fill out a separate form for each individual volunteer (including minors).

  • You will be contacted via email or by phone soon with project options.

  • Once project assignments are made,  we will contact you with details. 

  • If you have a special request for a project, please list in the comment section of the form. 

  • If you have any specialized skills that you would be willing to use during this event, please list those skills on the form.

  • If you have any resources or tools that would be helpful during this event, please list those on the form.

  • There may be certain projects that take more time than four hours on a Saturday. If you are available beyond the 8:00am-Noon time frame on Sept.28, please list times available in the comments.

  • For more information about registration, call/text                  918-688-0303 or email

  • All volunteers will need to sign a liability waiver on the day of the event. Minors will need a parent signature.

  • Volunteers needing community service hours signed off for will need to contact Janice Bell at        918-688-0303 or in advance of the event. 

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